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Cheap International Cell Phone Plans to Call the


Get low rates and quick connections for your favorite mobile device. Your international cell phone calls just got easier.

Benefits of our best cell

phone plans

  • Industry-low calling rates

  • Call from almost any device

  • Fast-dialing features


No Smartphone? No Problem!

BlueTone also works with traditional international calling methods - it's easy!

  1. Dial the access number

  2. Wait for the message "Welcome to BlueTone Dialing service."

  3. Enter the country code + the phone number, then hit the pound (#) key.

NOTE: In order to use this service, your phone number must be verified. This service will not work if you have your cell phone number appear as private. 

PINless calling, no access numbers and the same low international rates

Set up Direct Dial and you'll never have to enter an access number or PIN again.

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